Decorative item "fish" P2

Material: Ceramics (sharp firing exceeded 1000 degrees). I do not use toxic glazes for glazing.

Attention: The glaze is not at the bottom of the product - it is not advisable to leave the bottom soaked in water for a long time. The colour may be slightly different from the one in the picture (items are photographed in a room with artificial light).

For decorative use only.

Maintenance: treat the product with a damp and drained sponge, then dry it with a smooth cloth

!!! Not intended for contact with a mouth, do not use for drinking, eating or storing food . !!!

!!! Keep away from animals and children. !!!

This item is not intended for use or contact with food.

This product contains poured glass which was sharply fired with the ceramics, and should hold , but it might crumble when mishandled - please keep away from your mouth (beware of possible inhalation of small glass pieces), do not eat or drink from this product.

1,800.00 Kč
excluding shipping cost