Name: Eliška Devátá

Signature: E9.

Current Project: "Trauma from Western and Eastern Perspectives"


• Josef Škvorecký Grammar School, Prague, Czech Republic

Focused on Creative Writing
Graduated Successfully in 2008

• Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy
Major in Painting, studio "F"

Main professor: Carlo Di Raco, asistents: Martino Scavezzon and Miriam Pertegato

Triennio, equivalent of bachelor degree in Fine Art

Graduation Tesi: Theoretical part: guided by Gloria Vallese, central topic: Trauma ◦in the 20th century's art galleries

Graduation Tesi: Practical part: completed in Printmaking Laboratory of Professor Alberto Balletti

◦Graduated Successfully 2015 (98/110)

• University of Hertfordshire, UK
Major in Visual Communication - Illustration
Final work: graphic novel "The Immaculate" exploring central topics of Trauma, Near Death Experience and consequences of Misguided Spirituality in Contemporary context
, achieved MA

Formal Qualifications:

Leaving Certificate from Grammar School (Czech, English, Social Science, Aesthetics).

Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, Painting: "Dottoressa".

Master of Art, University of Hertfordshire, MA Visual Communication - Illustration: MA

Creative Practice Benchmarks:

Shortlisting of the work "Imaca" for the 7th guanlan bienialle. Shortlist available at: [Accessed 13. April 2020]

"Told by Pictures" Castle Grabštejn, Czech Republic, Hosted by Opera Singer Luděk Vele (2009) info available at:

 // [Accessed 13. April 2020] • "Pictures Speak" Space V4, Prague, Czech Republic, Speech on the opening delivered by Milan Kozelka (2010)

"Orinic Printmaker", Printmaking Laboratory of Alberto Balletti, Venice, Italy

Other Exhibitions: Castle Grabštejn, (2015)
, India (Tamil Nadu, near Chennai) and Poland (Warsaw)


Radiožurnál: Interview with young visual artist Eliška Devátá¡Interviewed by Vladimír Kroc, 800 thousand online listeners, available at: [Accessed 13. April 2020]

Liberecké noviny etc

Future creative aspirations and dreams:

using visual communication to highlight topics which surround:

struggles of highly-gifted children and adults within/caused by our educational context

issues relating to contemporary spirituality: consequence of misguided spirituality and leaderships; narrativization of cultish/sectarian dynamics

informing about the topic of transgenerational, national and global trauma

scrutinizing ways of how the topic of death is seen in western-centric society; which taboos it surrounds