Trauma: Gateway to the Eternity


Traumatic experiences seem to lead to overwhelming destinations where our own hopelessness totally paralyzes us. The more we try to avoid, understand, or fix trauma or abuse, we repeat it. There is seemingly no meaning in trauma. Far worse, whatever we do in order to fix it only makes it worse. Fighting or even a desire to heal trauma adds even more suffering. People will never understand the depths of our wounds unless they experience the same. People will judge and misunderstand us, blame us for our own victimization, but no one will ever understand unless the same happens to them.

Emotional and psychological trauma are some of the most damaging areas of lives. We think that it is hunger or poverty, but those have nothing to do with real suffering. Real hell lies within the human soul, the memories which repeat themselves as traumatic flashbacks, the insecurities and the fears caused by those who tried to ruin our confidence or who repetitively walked all over our dignity, and the fears and misunderstandings of everyday life.

The real hell lies within our own soul when we ask ourselves: "Why?" "Why me?" "What have I done for this to happen to me?", or when we cry and nobody has the capacity to understand the depth of the damage which has happened to us. There is no other way out of hell than through it. When you confront yourself in those desperate and hopeless, sad conditions, face it. It will wait for you. Forever. Not in order for you to understand it, or fix it. Not in order for you to do anything about it.
When you meet hell and when you meet trauma, just accept it. When people judge you, victimize you, and blame you for the suffering they caused you, when they steal from you or walk on your dignity, when they try to put black magic on you, face it. Accept it. Forgive them. They do not know what they do.

It is not your job to try to lecture them. Life will take care of it. It is not your job to offer revenge. Just forgive. Let go. Let them be. Life will take care of them. The message coming from your forgiveness, acceptance and understanding will forever remain as a part of eternity, which is stronger and untouchable, is the part which exists in spite of the trauma, hell or heaven. There is no other way how to deal with trauma or abuse than to touch it. When people betray your trust, touch that place where you felt hurt.