Misrepresentation and deceptive misuse of my identity, online scamming .


original text was published on previous web version on 21. 07. 2020 

It came to my attention that my profile (photos/works/infos) has been used for misrepresentation and deceptive misuse of my identity. It seems that the way this happened was that someone broke into my sensitive data by hacking into my gmail account. I also had reasonable concern that someone has hacked into my Google hangouts conversations, where I shared with my close relatives my own photos and photos of my family members. It seems that the people who have done this were searching for my credit card and bank account details. I would, however, not be surprised if they used my and my family's photos in the future for creating online deceptive profiles and used these for manipulative purposes through online dating websites, social media, and other channels. This situation (behaviour of others) is sadly out of my control. I would like to state that between 2019/2020 (when the described situation occurred) till January 2023 I did not use social media as a Facebook or Twitter, and I do not use online dating sites.

Sadly, it also came to my attention that in the past, someone has misrepresented me on Facebook, where I was told that people were sent erotic videos, supposedly from my messenger box. Some of the posts were an attempt to defame me and to mislead and misguide an audience. I would like to clearly state that I have did not use Facebook for many long years (between 2019/2020-2023), and I can hardly control the behavior of other people. I have heard many insults and verbal attacks which were supposedly related to Facebook messages which I never wrote. I am not sure why anyone was doing this, but whatever the reason, it is out of my control and not my mistake. 

Because we are living in a digital age, cybercrime and online abuse are very common ways to trick and misrepresent people. Anyone who has misused my name or identity is carmically accountable for their actions. The cases where I was made aware of a gross attempt to truly harm me were reported to local police and other authorities, who informed international authorities . If I am made aware of any case that anyone is posting my or my family's photos online, or my Copyrighted content without my written permission, I will take legal steps against these people or organizations without any further warning. It is not my fault if other people behave negatively, nor is it my fault that other people believe them.